Designed by Studio Kairos, Sole is a rocking armchair whose name is given by the idea of being ‘one and only’. The design supports this approach by providing a unique style that completes living environments where each individual feels well beloved. Sole’s special mechanism allows for both turning and rocking motions. As a result, Sole’s mechanism offers a dynamic feature while the design brings a warm touch into spaces. It is served as low and high back-rest options.

Tecnical Details



A seating group inspired by fairy wings.

Inspired by fairy wings, Halia is named after sea nymphs. The armchair’s height varies in each model. With color and fabric variations, the upholstery of the body of the chair can be changed, while the wooden legs add a refined touch.

Tecnical Details

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Named after the French writer that is identified with Istanbul, Pierre Loti stands out from the rest with its special elaborare. Grabbing attention with its unique lines and leather armrests, this out-of-the-ordinary design could be the cup of tea for those searching for something anything but usual.

Tecnical Details


With its minimalist design, Monte Cristo fits comfortably in both residential and corporate settings. With leather or fabric upholstery, the armchair will make your guests feel at home or become a centerpiece in your living room. Monte Cristo offers two backrest options with a reclining high and low backrest.

Tecnical Details


Mihrimah means “sun and moon” in Persian. Symbolizing kindness and compassion, ‘Mihrimah’ becomes an armchair by transforming into a seating unit. Compassionately and peacefully embracing / enveloping anyone sitting in it, this chair has specially-sewn upholstery from its backrest down to its legs.

Tecnical Details