A modern and stackable coffee table set with pure and clean lines.

With a modern but simple rendition of the nesting table, Bremen is made out of 3 different geometrical shaped nesting tables, saving precious space. With lacquered or veneered alternatives, Bremen can be used as a serving table next to your sofa or as a desk for those who use laptops.

Technical Details

A modern coffee table inspired by a classic tune.

Inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque periods, Madrigal coffee table is as light as it is sturdy. It can be veneered or lacquered. When paired with the Madrigal sofa, it creates a strong impact with a sense of holism.




A product family composed of side, mid and nesting coffee tables.

Ray coffee table family comprises of tripods, nesting and center table models. Ray table draws attention with its thinned-out edges that are made with a special cutting technique, and the color contrast between the tabletop and its legs. The side table is made out of 3 legs arranged in a triangular shape with a thin tabletop. The legs can have different epoxy colors or be laminated or veneered. With its contrasting colors between the tabletop and legs, the design brings dynamism to the room.

The nesting table has a wooden frame with veneering or lacquering options. The center table is made out of a thin frame that can either be veneered or lacquered.

Technical Details



A coffee table inspired by the beauty of meaningful geometry; 'square'.

Inspired by the ‘square’ shape which represents balance in geometry, Pan I (the magic square) has a tabletop made of bronze glass. Pan I tables can be arranged side-by-side or diagonally and can also be veneered or lacquared. The legs of the tables form squares that create an illusional effect.

Technical Details


A coffee table inspired by the beauty of meaningful geometry; 'square'.

Also inspired by the ‘square’, Maya coffee tables have different patterns on their smoked or walnut veneered surfaces. Maya tables are easy-to-use thanks to their detachable and foldable legs.


Technical Details