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A new and boutique approach for our new work habitat.

Partita, designed by Faruk Malhan, is a desk system with the wooden X-framed legs presenting a solid and architectonic language with a high standard.

Partita brings the idea of "high touch" to the office as opposed to "high tech" typically presented by the steel-framed furniture of the past decade. Technology is invisibly incorporated in this design, where you can find alternative sources to dock in with your mobile phone, PC, laptop and all digital devices.

The overall design language strikes a fundamental tone by simplifying all expressions, concealing all details, and serving all contemporary needs without displaying the complexity of a configuration. It helps to create a calm atmosphere and natural aura; the touch of naturally treated wood surfaces introducing tactile elements into daily work - a quest for silent joy.




A desk system designed for personalization.

Calvino, designed by Studio Kairos, aims to invoke a warm empathy for each of its users, motivating an emotional response.

Now, the search for a perfect system is substituted by more relaxed, unattached, interchangable and independent pieces. The soft curves and thin edges of Calvino's simple shapes create powerful design statements that are more up-lifting than the homogenous, sharp and industrial language of systems furniture of days’-gone-by.

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Cap is designed as a personal work zone, to provide a silent harbor in the midst of a large open layout.

As the communal areas grow in number and scale, privacy is becoming a more critical issue for anyone who wishes to concentrate on a piece of work that needs attention and focus. Rather than defining work modes for departments, teams or even a single person, the attempt is to define each single task, and then visualize the needs of each and single working person in space. This way, instead of planning departmental areas, the focus is on planning places for activities andallowing traffic in the space for people to move around task related places and zones. This mimics an urban planner’s approach to city planning where specific places gain value in time.

Tecnical Details


Tecnical Details


A desk system that fulfills the needs of various spaces from managers’ offices, private executive offices to meeting rooms.

Atos, designed by Faruk Malhan, is a desk system capable of fulfilling the needs of various spaces. It aims to create different environments by offering modules that allow the designer to plan for any part of the office, from spaces for collaborative work, open work to meeting zones and private executive offices.

Tecnical Details