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A product family with pure lines and various color alternatives.

Antigone, designed by Studio Kairos, is a product family standing out with pure lines and various color alternatives. It is composed of nighstand, chiffonier and sideboard convenient for living and working environments.

Technical Details


With their inward legs, the nightstands and chiffoniers from the Belince product family look as if their drawers are almost floating on air. The side table and its drawers, coated with a glossy lacquer, are supported with a hidden rail system. Belince’s handle-free nightstands and chiffoniers draw attention with their minimal details.

Technical Details


A product family is inspired by patterns representing the idea of 'engagement'.

Babil (Babylon) product family, designed by Faruk Malhan, is inspired by icons and patterns that are representing the idea of 'engagement' in ancient Babylon communities.

The product family stands out with particular curves of its legs. This aesthetical approach of the past meets modernism in these series. Characteristic shape of its legs that also goes along its arms is just one of the particular aesthetical details.

Technical Details

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