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Standing out for its simple look, Dastan is an office chair family that is designed to offer practical solutions for working and meeting spaces. Taking its name from the Persian Prince, Dastan is designed for senior management, management and operations teams.

Dastan’s ergonomic mesh backrest adjusts to the sitter’s position and supports the sitter’s body, thus ensuring comfort. Its operational, management, and senior management series have the synchronous mechanism. The members of this family are grouped based on their backrest height. Managers’ chairs come with either stable backrests or height adjustable backrests with seven different position options.

All products in this family feature the synchronous mechanism. Senior management chairs also have adjustable seat depth. To meet different needs, the series offer fixed and 2D armrest alternatives.

Dastan’s visitor and meeting chair series offer four different combination options based on the caster and fixed leg alternatives as well as the optional armrest. Dastan’s visitor chairs have mesh or upholstered backrest alternatives. With its elegantly simple style, Dastan is an economical choice that can easily suit different office spaces designed with distinct concepts.

Tecnical Details


Halia, designed by Studio Kairos, is the brand new chair series of Nordic Furniture Contract that is developed within the 'Open Work' theme proposed recently by the brand for contemporary work spaces.

This new product family stands out with its unique form and structure, which is inspired by wings of fairies. Halia is served in different fabric and leather seating options, whilst legs are available in chrome plating. High and low back alternatives enable it to be used as both; an executive or operational task chair. Furthermore, new modules of this series can also easily adapt to public spaces in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and schools. Fixed and movable leg options are available for different work spaces and preferences. Height and back adjustments give it the opportunity to deliver individual comfort and special experience per each user.

Tecnical Details