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A product family is inspired by patterns representing the idea of 'engagement'.

Babil (Babylon) product family, designed by Faruk Malhan, is inspired by icons and patterns that are representing the idea of 'engagement' in ancient Babylon communities.

The product family stands out with particular curves of its legs. This aesthetical approach of the past meets modernism in these series.

Technical Details



A modern pouf inspired by a classic tune.

Madrigal is a contemporary classic. Through its variety of fabric and leather alternatives, the pouf can adapt to both; home and work environments. Madrigal's comfortable seat is provided in innovative material selections. That also offers a great flexibility to meet the expectations of contemporary culture of living. On the other hand; quilted seat refers to the past.

Black nickel legs, uniquely shaped, enhance the elegant appearance of Madrigal.

Technical Details


A playful pouf inspired by the traditional 'Ottoman fez'.

Suri, designed by Sezgin Aksu and Silvia Suardi, is a playful pouf inspired by the traditional “Ottoman fez” as the muse for its formal aesthetics. It is a complementary article for living and working areas. It can be used as a pouf or even as an ad hoc solution for a coffee table.

The design is presented with various upholstery alternatives.

Technical Details