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A multi-functional sofa supported by wings.

Ikaros, designed by Koray Malhan, is a sofa as an alternative to a desk and to serve the needs of any work environment. The design can be placed in the middle of any work zone or at confluence areas to bring people together for chance or formal encounters, or to enhance cross fertilization of ideas and discussions in a work area. This design combines work with pleasure and relaxation, with the sofa doubling as a writing tablet and a table at the same time. All horizontal surfaces may be used as service areas. The extension wing in the rear is at table height, where it can be used as a worktop whilst sitting on a chair. This feature allows the seating unit to be used simultaneously from inside and outside, providing the users with a collaborative use for more casual work.

Tecnical Details



A coffee table group suitable for various places and purposes of use.

Guamba designed by Koray Malhan is a coffee table group suitable for middle or side tables. It is produced in a variety of sizes. Its steel legs are compatible with either wood or glass table top selections and served in various epoxy colours. Through its elegant and simple appearance, Guamba is compatible with all seating groups.

Tecnical Details