A storage system to meet the requirements of frequent reconfiguration in the work environment.

Path, designed by Koray Malhan, is a storage system meeting the requirements of frequent reconfiguration in the work environment. The frame and intermediate shelves are made of sheet metal. Melamine coatings are also available for doors and rear panels. These cabinets, which come in various sizes with open-shelf or cupboard options, are surrounded by a modular structure, facilitating desired combinations and saving space and reasonable cost.

The shelves, side panels and base are produced in steel whereas the top panel, back and front door panels are in melamine-faced materials. The levelling feet for uneven floors are concealed in steel fabricated base. The design of the series cleverly uses thin steel side panels that conceal the thickness of the door panels and provide a refined look for the overall frontal image of the cabinet. With this construction, the cabinets are also equally elegant from the side or rear views.

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Cabinets to serve all the storage needs in workplaces.

Ruba designed by Faruk Malhan is a range composed of a variety of cabinets to serve all the storage needs in workplaces through different modules and sizes. In this system, a wide range of storage units with drawers or hinged doors are presented. Ruba is constructed with melamine-faced surfaces to provide practical and economical solutions. All the feet have levelling adjustment, accessible from within, that can help each cabinet to fit any uneven floors.

The system includes economical solutions with melamine carcasses and handles that are flush with the outer surface. There are options of drawer height and versions for stationery and filing solutions, all of which are presented with a central locking mechanism.

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A storage system composed of independent units or stacked in larger groups.

Song designed by Koray Malhan is a storage system to be used as independent units or stacked in larger groups where modules are combined to fit whatever the requirement might be.

Song cabinets are also served as partitions in open spaces while the rear panels contribute to isolating general noise levels when upholstered with a purpose-specified fabric.

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